One of the most common solutions for renovating the bathroom is the replacement of the bath tub with a shower. Many people start a renovation with the bathroom because there are many benefits and the expense is modest:

  • replacing the old bath tub with a shower box means optimising your space, so you can add a new cabinet or a washing machine for example;
  • changing over from a tub to a shower means increasing space for moving about more easily;
  • removing the old tub and replacing it with a shower box means renovating the bathroom and modernising the room;
  • substituting the tub with a shower means taking advantage of the tax allowances for 2017 amounting to 50% of the cost of the renovation.

All our affiliates have qualified expert personnel who can do a professional job on your bathroom renovation. All the craftsmen in the Speed Casa team are attentive to cleaning during the demolition of the old units and installation of the new ones, guaranteeing a rapid reliable service.

We make use of surveyors who conduct an inspection free of charge and can determine the most suitable solution on the basis of your needs and expert craftsmen who do the job of replacing the tub with a shower tray and box.

The job of replacing the tub with a shower is not at all inconvenient if you rely on the experts. In this case do-it-yourself is not a good idea because the things to watch out for and the work itself involve many specific aspects that an expert takes account of:

  • demolition of the side walls;
  • removal of the existing tub and its accessories;
  • removal of the coatings;
  • modification of the drain connection and relocation of the show unit to the desired position;
  • preparation of the vertical walls for applying the new coating;
  • waterproofing of the shower interior with special liquid sealant;
  • trimming of the existing tiles and laying of the new tiles or mosaic chosen;
  • positioning of the shower tray made of the desired material (ceramic or acrylic);
  • installation of the shower box and relative accessories (mixer faucet, shower rail, any safety features);
  • external and internal sealing of the shower box using a specific water repellent silicone;
  • complete disposal of the waste materials in authorised waste facilities.

Our experts will be able to advise you on the best materials with the right value for money in line with your tastes and your budget.

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