If your garden, villa, terrace or hotel has a swimming pool, you know very well that maintenance is essential to keep it in good condition over time. We at Speed Casa are available in every season, for private or public customers, hotels at the seaside or farm holiday establishments in the mountains.

The service we offer our clients is complete and consists of a free on-the-spot inspection, design and construction and supply of materials for the pool, covering and accessories necessary for its use.

Pool maintenance before the season opens:

  • removal of the winter covering;
  • restart of the pool and filtration system,
  • cleaning of the pool bottom, filter and pre-filter;
  • inspection of the pool condition by our specialists (integrity of the pool, condition of the pipes, checking of waterproofing and detection of any water leaks);
  • replacement of the water analysis probes;
  • renewal of the accessories such as showers, ladders, steps, the best brands of spotlights and lamps.

Pool maintenance in spring and summer:

  • water analysis and use of specific products for its treatment;
  • cleaning of the water with the best solutions for each specific case;
  • sanitisation to prevent the appearance and spread of fungus and verrucas;
  • routine maintenance such as the supply and installation of the pumping plant, repair or replacement of the pumps, valves or filters.


Pool maintenance in autumn and winter:

  • lowering of the water level;
  • emptying of the pipes;
  • safety measures on the filtration system and pipes to prevent the formation of ice in the coldest season;
  • drying the pumps;
  • placing the winter covering.

Partial or complete renovation of swimming pools:

  • you can give new life to your swimming pool with a partial renovation of the pool lining, mosaics in the pool or on the external border, adding attractive artistic motifs that reflect your taste
  • if instead you need to make the pool larger, we can study the most suitable solution for your needs together, changing its shape, size, depth and hydraulic plant.

Our service includes:

  • the initial inspection to determine the condition of the plant and structure;
  • keeping a schedule of works and checks for correct pool maintenance.

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