Very often the aesthetic effect of marble or stone covering depends on the talent and professionalism of those who work the raw material. They have the experience in the field to be able to recommend the best products and solutions.

At Speed Casa we have stone layers and craftsmen at your disposal who work with integrity and maximum professionalism and can do special jobs on the finest marbles and stones.

They will assist you through the entire process from choosing the material to the final laying.

If you have decided to improve your home or hotel with marble or stone articles you cannot trust the first person you come across. Such a beautiful material must be shaped by expert hands with a proven track record and our affiliates have professional in the team who have demonstrated their skills and the necessary qualities.

The marble workers and craftsmen in our team are able to create genuine masterpieces:

  • marble or granite floors of the most varied kinds (polished, bush-hammered, smoothed);
  • tiles for interiors, or garden paths;
  • custom-made kitchen counters, of the size and shape you required;
  • custom-made tops for the bathroom, worked down to the finest details;
  • rustic or modern fireplaces, for the basement or terrace;
  • distinctive solid wood sink units;
  • original unusual stairs, with unique details.

In addition to working marble our affiliates will be able to recommend a series of works useful for the renovation of marble and stone:

  • laying of new floors, on existing floors;
  • installation of coverings on stone or rock walls;
  • installation of kitchen counters or bathroom tops;
  • laying of outdoor paving for driveways and paths;
  • polishing of old tiles;
  • cleaning of outdoor walkable areas using water;
  • advice concerning the products to use for the care of marble and stone.

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