A turnkey renovation with Speed Casa means relying on a network of experts who created the first building franche shop for renovation.

A turnkey renovation with Speed Casa means having your property back at the agreed completion date and at the price quoted.

A turnkey renovation with Speed Casa means having a house or flat where the workmanship of expert minds and hands can be seen even in the minimum details.

We specialise in complete and partial renovations, and no challenge is too difficult for us because we are an organised team that bases its work on cooperation, precision and constant updating.

Your goals become our goals, because the professionals in our network have been selected on the basis of their experience and customer satisfaction. They will always suggest the best solution, with an ultra-modern approach and complying with current regulations.

By “turnkey renovation” we mean:

> assigning the planning and technical study to professionals specialised in single disciplines (architects, surveyors, engineers);

> selection of the best craftsmen/tradesmen for the project required (builders, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, floor layers);

> forming a work team which cooperates and works at the right place at the right time thanks to planning of the supplies and times under the direction of a single contact person;

> monitoring the progress of the work to keep it within the terms and conditions agreed;

> handing over the property or single rooms (kitchen, bathroom, lounge) completed in every part and strictly within the time and cost quoted.

We offer our turnkey services to home owners, condominium administrators who deal with the routine and special maintenance of the properties they manage, but also whoever wants to renovate only the bathroom, or waterproof roofs or terraces, or renovate the façade and external coating of the house.

Our target clientele also includes businesses, shopkeepers, hotels and B&B that need turnkey renovations to whom we offer:

> immediate contact with just a click;

> a complete range of turnkey services;

> quality materials included in the turnkey service;

> advantageous prices;

> rapid response;

> qualified personnel and workers;

> completion date and costs as quoted;

> offices almost everywhere throughout Italy.

Logo Speed Casa CerchioSiamo la prima rete di franchising edilizio in Italia al servizio dell'azienda e del singolo cittadino.