Moving house can be really stressful. You have to leave your home, the neighbourhood, sometimes the town, your habits and routines which you were used to. Added to all this there is the move which is physically demanding because it requires good organisation and so much time which you often don’t have.

Moving house means making the best arrangements, adequately packing the objects which mean so much to you and if they are not packed well they might get broken during transport. This is why finding someone to take care of the removal reliably and properly is exactly what you need.

With Speed Casa you have an entire team of professionals at your service for a safe and rapid move, with services for clearing houses and offices, storing furniture and dismantling and reassembling furniture items. Thus you will find all the objects that you are attached to undamaged in your new home. Forget about stress, Speed Casa will help you to start a new adventure in the best way!

We at Speed Casa offer you a turnkey removal service which is safe and advantageous at a price which is always definite thanks to the free quotes. Here are the benefits you obtain by entrusting us with your memories and your past:


The understanding of our removals personnel enables us to work quickly. We plan all the stages of the removal together with you, reducing the time taken to a minimum and satisfying your needs in order to provide a customised service for you and for the new home or new office.


With us you can always be certain of the safety of your property. We do the packing personally using professional high quality boxes and shockproof material to ensure a first class removal and avoid any unpleasant surprises on arrival.

Complete removal

Speed Casa offers you a complete service in all senses of the word. We do not deal only with proper packing of your objects and transporting them with our own removals vehicles, but we can also store them in our deposits for long or short periods in spacious areas with security systems and insurance against theft and fire.

Additional services

The team of Speed Casa comprises a number of home professionals always ready to give you a complete service. In this way we can take care of the installation of shelves and connection of lighting fittings, so that when you arrive you will find the home you always dreamed of!

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