Plumber on call wanted.

The emergency plumber service of Speed Casa is available for small or large plumbing repairs; for your home or the property you manage; for your business or hotel.

We work with professionalism and transparency on buildings already existing or under construction. Our associates can monitor the construction of new plumbing systems or old systems that require continual maintenance.

Our qualified plumbers provide routine plumbing maintenance and complete bathroom and kitchen renovations. They work quickly and professionally repairing taps or any other types of sanitary fittings, repairing water heaters or checking the central heating system.

In our team of professionals you will find all the people necessary for the maintenance and renovation of plumbing systems:

  •  the plumber. We can guarantee a professional job on taps, plumbing and bathroom fittings, piping or central heating. We can do a partial or complete renovation of the bathroom, installing accurately the shower tray and box and all the modern suspended bathroom fittings. We repair routine leaks replacing broken seals, or suggesting the best articles for cleaning.
  •  the heating and plumbing technician. We organise the installation, maintenance and repair of heating and air-conditioning systems of your home or the entire building. We will monitor the installation of gas systems, piping and connection of the sanitary fittings to the drainage system with precision and in close cooperation with the design personnel. We recommend the heating and plumbing technician also for the purpose of obtaining information on new energy saving systems which you can install after a dedicated inspection;
  •  the heating technician. We arrange the installation, monitoring and care of the boiler in your home or the entire building because our team has personnel specialised in the maintenance of boilers and plumbing and heating systems who can do the repairs, checks and analyses required by law.

The price for your plumbing system depends on the professionalism of the person you call. If you want to save we do not recommend do-it-yourself because the risk of having to redo some of the work is high.

Find the professional that best suits your needs. All the professionals on our staff are experts selected with care; they are specialists with experience, expert technicians and workers ready to satisfy your needs.

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