Do you love nature and want to find energy solutions that are environmentally friendly and perhaps save on the bills? If this is what you are looking for then the installation of a solar power unit is the right solution for you. A solar panel means you can actually produce clean energy exploiting the sun’s heat and reduce energy consumption, produce hot water and heat the home.

With a small investment, which you can recover in just a few years thanks to tax allowances (2017), you will have a reduction in your bills right from the first month. It is an intelligent way to save, reducing the impact on the environment and lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

Our technicians are at your disposal to make your home even more efficient from the energy viewpoint by installing a solar power unit of the latest generation. Speed Casa is a unique reference point for all needs in the home and comprises a team of professionals who are constantly updated on developments in home services and energy efficiency, to help you save on your bills with a top quality, reliable service that satisfies regulatory requirements.

Deciding to install a solar power unit with Speed Casa your savings will be even greater: with us the quotes and on-the-spot inspections are always free of charge. In this way you are completely free to choose the right solution for you, knowing right from the start how much you will spend. What are you waiting for? Reduce your energy consumption at home and save on the bills with the solar power unit services of Speed Casa!


You can bank on Speed Casa: our technicians can advise you on the best choice of solar power unit, assessing various aspects before going ahead with installation, such as the availability of space on the roof, the correct orientation of the modules and ensuring that there are no shaded areas that can reduce the performance of the panels. We will also assess, together with you, the best type of solar panel of the most advanced types available on the market: from the standard solar panel to solar roof tiles, which blend into the roof and are practically indistinguishable.

Here are the main advantages of your new solar power unit for your domestic energy:

  • Reduction of CO2 emissions

  • Production of green energy

  • Reduction of your bills

  • Revaluation of your house value

  • Guaranteed recovery of your investment

  • Possibility of requesting a tax deduction of 50%


Those who have already install a solar power unit for the energy requirements of their homes already well know that regular panel maintenance is necessary to ensure that the unit always works at maximum efficiency. The risk is that dust and atmospheric agents limit the absorption of solar radiation. With our panel maintenance service our technicians will take care of routine solar panel cleaning to ensure optimum performance even years later.

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