People such as yourself contact us for three reasons:

  • they want to improve the home and to know how much the renovation will cost immediately;
  • they need to find reliable people to do the renovation work;
  • they do not have time to keep an eye on events on site and the progress of the work.

Do you see yourself here?

To satisfy all the needs of our customers we have developed an infallible working method.

It consists of a series of actions that we always follow:

  • for civil, industrial or commercial renovations;
  • for complete or partial building renovations;
  • for restoration of interiors or external façades;

We know that this method works because we read it in the smiles of people when we hand over the keys of the property at the agreed time.




Your wishes will become our mission. You will be contacted by the reception of the operating headquarters to check your registration and we will start work immediately for you and on the renovation project.



The competent personnel will assess the various needs with a free on-the-spot inspection so that the quote can be drawn up correctly with the times and costs.


We will start looking for the suitable technical personnel and workforce to make your dreams come true.


We will fix the first meeting with the professionals that will plan the work and work together concretely on your property.



The team leader of Speed Casa will monitor the work regularly to ensure the correct sequence of activities and that the completion date is respected.



The works will be done according to the procedures and times agreed, ensuring that the final result comes up to expectations, and lastly handing over the regulatory paperwork for the specific case.



he Speed Casa method enables us to guarantee

> quality of the work;

> punctual completion;

> safety and economic benefits.


We can offer benefits in economic terms and times because:

  • the internal organisation and coordination ensure that the work is not interrupted and that there are no periods of wasted time;
  • the professionals that work with us have many years of experience in the sector;
  • the members of the work teams involved in a single project know each other and can work together easily because each person knows what he has to do;
  • the times are managed in the smallest details from a carefully drawn up plan which ensures that specialist craftsmen/tradesmen are present at the right time depending on the work which needs to be done;
  • absence of waste and guaranteed savings thanks to the partnership with supplier companies of the products.


If you are assessing the costs incurred by a renovation we invite you to consider two types of approach:

1) those who independently look for individual professionals;

2) those who rely on a stable network.


We wanted to warn you about this because if you are in the first group you will have to take into consideration:

  • the time needed to look for professionals
  • the time needed to request quotes
  • the time needed to read and assess the quotes
  • the time needed to chose a project
  • the time needed to coordinate all the professionals
  • the time needed to inspect the works.


If instead you belong to the second group bear in mind that you need time only:

  • to contact us;
  • for the first appointment with our technical personnel.


So how much does a renovation cost?

It depends on the time you have and your knowledge.

If you ask Speed Casa we are sure we can make your dreams come true with reliable completion dates, a budget fixed beforehand and an offer made to measure to satisfy your requests.


By relying on the Speed Casa method you will be able to continue living in peace with your family and your work.


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