Gardener wanted. How many times have you typed in these words in internet? This is because the garden is not simply decorative. It is a small corner of nature, an oasis of tranquillity where you can spend an hour in the sunshine after a stressful day at the office. Daily life can be really monotonous and “plunging” into nature is just what is needed, to breathe some clean air, watch the sunset and recharge your batteries with some wellbeing.

The fact is that the garden is something really valuable. Unfortunately, like all valuable things, it needs constant care and expert hands. That is why it is important to rely on a professional who has a green thumb.

Search no more! Speed Casa offers you a team of professional gardeners ready to put all their passion into restoring life to your green areas, with custom solutions and good value for money. Finally you can enjoy some relaxation surrounded by healthy plants, leafy trees and a beautiful bright green lawn.

What exactly do Speed Casa gardeners do? Very simply they provide all-round garden maintenance:

  • Lawn mowing

  • Pruning hedges, trees and bushes

  • Customised planning of gardens and green areas

  • Installation of lawn irrigation systems

With the on-the-spot inspections and free quotes you can be certain of a quick reliable first rate job at the right price and always without any hidden charges.

Do you care about your garden and would you like it to be beautiful as once was? Make a request for gardening services today!

Booking the service is easy: contact our Customer Service, tell us the day and time you prefer and then relax. Think of your ideal garden. That is what you will have when our gardeners have finished.

Maintenance of gardens and terraces

Have you left the lawn uncut for months and it is almost unrecognisable? The plants on the terrace have barely survived the winter? Now you can contact Speed Casa! Our expert gardeners can take care of everything: from pruning trees and hedges to seasonal lawn mowing and small and large garden maintenance jobs, with special attention to the spread of weeds and treatment of common diseases that affect house plants.

We provide a professional service at a price in line with the high quality we are offering!


Speed Casa has expert gardeners, ready to listen to you to create the green area you have always dreamt of, to enhance the outside of your villa and transform your garden into a corner of nature that most represents your personality and needs.

Our gardeners can lay new lawns with traditional seed or laying rolls of turf. The result is the same: a beautiful garden to meet your needs.

Irrigation systems

Summer is coming and you are worried that your garden will suffer from the high temperatures? Or perhaps you don’t have time to water it by hand? Rely on our expert gardeners! Our technical personnel will deal with the installation of irrigation systems and can do an excellent repair job on any sudden breakdowns in your old irrigation system. Thanks to the professionalism of Speed Casa laying the system does not take long and before you know it you will have your system ready to take care of your green area. Your plants will show their appreciation!

Do you want even more from your garden? Try out these services:

Our carpenters can make custom-made structures in wood such as benches, gazebos or summer houses

Our technical personnel can build your ideal swimming pool, offering you the best materials and complete assistance from design to construction!

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