If you are looking for custom-made furniture then you are dreaming of something that will soon become reality. The professionals of Speed Casa expert in working wood are all qualified carpenters who can:

  • carefully examine each specific case;
  • customise to satisfy every single need;
  • transform your ideas into concrete designs.

At out affiliates located throughout the country you will find a complete offer of craftsmen who create wood furniture, installers and repairers of custom-made furniture.

The jobs which we are able to do are:


  • construction of custom-made furniture: thanks to the availability of professional craftsmen in our teams, at Speed Casa you will find all the professionals in the sector who will understand your tastes and needs: the wood carver, general carpenter, furniture-maker, joiner, picture framer, wood-worker, painter and restorer of antique furniture;
  • We are able to build custom kitchens in loft apartments, in customised open space style or single kitchen components;

  • we are able to design your lounge with custom-made furniture, uniquely designed bookcases, telephone tables or furnishings to keep television cables in order;

  • we can help you to organise the space in the bedroom, coming up with ideas for custom-made corner wardrobes and cabinets. Box beds or bunk beds for children to make the most of the space available;

  • in the other rooms of the home, such as bathrooms and utility rooms, we can design a multi-purpose space-saving cabinet which you won’t find at furniture retailers; a shoe rack which has to occupy as little space as possible, instead of a chest for the entrance hall or coat stands in the hallway;

  •  varnishing, painting and repainting of single pieces or furniture already assembled: this is a very common way of renovating the home or office quickly – whether you decide to use colour paint or only transparent varnish. Our experts will be able to determine the suitability of the desired paint for a particular wood in order to use the best products that satisfy your requests, make special modifications and use wood preservers to ensure a long lifespan;
  • maintenance of tables and chairs: whether they are in the kitchen, lounge or your office, chairs and tables are part of the most used furniture and often the most mistreated. They are more subject to wear and tear on account of their use and therefore required more frequent maintenance jobs. So what do you do to keep the home in perfect condition? Call our experts who have the experience in the wood and furniture sectors to help you;
  • renovation of wood doors and windows: we recommend keeping an eye on the performance of the doors and windows because besides affecting the aesthetic appearance of your home, rather than your shop, above all it enables you save on energy consumption and to increase the monetary value of the property. Furthermore, this type of job falls under the category of energy upgrade for which there is a tax allowance of 65% for costs borne until December 2017;
  • restoration of antique furniture and maintenance of existing furniture: expert hands are needed together with thorough knowledge and an extensive personal culture to do restoration work professionally on antique furniture. Over many years of searching and the experience of past professional relations we have found the best and we can recommend them to you. So don’t waste time. Trust our experience in the sector.

Are you a freelance professional a shop owner or do you run accommodation facilities?

Contact us because we have complete solutions also for the contract sector.

How much does custom-made furniture cost?


You will receive a quote based on your needs quickly and free of charge.

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