You have finally decided: tired of the look of your old tiles, you are thinking of relaying the indoor floors, perhaps with a nice wood parquet or an alternative solution such as resin, marble or ceramic tiles. There is just one little problem. Where to start?

Re-laying the floor or replacing old tiles is a common job in homes which becomes necessary when your floor is ruined by scratches, stains and impurities or simply to renovate the room following the latest trends of the sector as regards materials and home style.

Although a common job, it is however rather complicated: it does require precision and attention to detail because it is only with good tile laying that the floor will last for years and be easy to clean.

This is exactly why Speed Casa offers you the services of its specialist floor-layers who can provide the best solutions for professionally laid floors, also helping you to choose the materials and formats available, from the more classic finishes to the latest thing. We can lay laminate, stone, tiles and much more, also stone and mosaic coverings and laying over existing floors.

This how our floor-layers work:

  • we will conduct an on-the-spot inspection and provide a free quote without a call out charge to give advice on the best solution for your floor;

  • depending on your taste we will supply the material for laying the new floors;

  • our floor layers will lay the new floor guaranteeing an excellent result;

Contact our Client Service and choose the day and time you prefer: Speed Casa will take care of your floor!

Have you decided to let Speed Casa lay your floor? Excellent choice. Here are the benefits:


Speed Casa is a great team comprising surveyors, architects, designers and artisans such as tilers, floor-layers and carpenters. This enables us to help you through all the phases of laying indoor floors or a job done efficiently and precisely and a long lasting state-of-the-art result.


Choosing the materials for floors is a complicated job because it is not just a question of artistic taste or style but also practicality. We will be able to advise you on the various solutions the market has to offer based on your needs and your budget. What is more, thanks to the special agreements with local suppliers, we can always obtain the best materials at a favourable price.


Does the cost of parquet frighten you? With Speed Casa you always have the certainty of a definite price right from the start: in fact we provide on-the-spot inspections and quotes free of charge with detailed costing for the entire job of indoor floor laying. So you will know what you have to lay out and you can calmly choose the best solution for you.

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