The door and window fixtures and fittings are one of the more delicate parts of the home. You may have noticed that door hinges, which are always subject to stress, can get worn and make it difficult to open. Other times it is the locks and fittings that break or the window handles or blinds. There are many causes of deterioration of the locks and fittings but usually the blame lies mainly with atmospheric agents such as moisture, in the case of a window or door, or rain in the case of an external gate.

All these problems require a specific professional capable of working reliably and guaranteeing quality results: the door and window fitter.

An expert door and window fitter is a professional who can handle the small or large repair jobs necessary for your doors and windows, who can suggest the materials to use and how to conserve the quality of your doors and windows over the years.

If you have a problem with your doors, windows and gates, Speed Casa can put a team of professional door and window fitters at your disposal for all your door and window fixtures, replacement of doors and windows and also the replacement of broken panes, repair or replacement of locks and the installation of automatic opening systems such as automatic gates and motorised roller shutters.

 Here are the services of our door and window fitters in detail:

  • Replacement of fixtures and glass fitting

  • Installation and maintenance of internal doors and armoured doors

  • Painting, fitting of fixtures and windows in PVC

  • Repair of window and door roller shutters, mosquito screens

  • Installation and maintenance of automatic gates, automatic doors and windows and electric roller shutters (see also the service we provide for the supply of awnings and mosquito screens -> link to the service "Awnings and mosquito screens")

For the repair or installation of fixtures the door and window fitters of Speed Casa use only high quality materials and products, always at an attractive price thanks to the special agreements with local suppliers.

And with us the price is clear right from the start: thanks to the free inspections and quotes you know immediately what you are going to spend and we will help you in choosing the best solution in line with your taste, your needs and what you can afford.

What are you waiting for? Repair your doors, gates and windows with our expert door and window fitters!

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