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If you need a quote for wiring of any kind, request an on-the-spot inspection or a free quote.

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Reliability is what our customers want and what we deliver.
Reliability is what distinguishes the professionals of Speed Casa.
Reliability is the value that serves as our guiding principle in the on-the-spot inspections, choice of materials, qualified consulting and execution of the works.

Our affiliates can renew the wiring, upgrade it to comply with regulations or follow updates in regulations because we rely on the best qualified specialist electricians for civil or commercial works. We have selected them for you and guarantee them for routine and special maintenance.

If you are fixing up or renovating the home we can help you to find the professional you need:

  • a technical expert to design the wiring;
  • a designer to design the correct lighting system for you;
  • an expert in alarm and safety systems;
  • a centralised home automation project manager;
  • a wiring installer;

If you want to increase the value of your property with a view to sale, we can suggest:

  • a wiring installer;
  • an electrical system expert for installation of lighting;
  • an electrical maintenance technician;
  • a solar power installer;
  • an electrical technician for anti-intrusion and video surveillance systems.

If you have an emergency, we can:

  • do routine maintenance on the wiring (installation of electrical sockets, TV sockets and switch monitoring);
  • repair a door phone system;
  •  change the lighting, change the light bulbs or install lighting fixtures, ceiling lights and lights in general;
  • repair the aerial;
  • repair the alarm system;
  • repair the electrical parts of electrical appliances.

Our response is prompt, with the latest quality systems and economic benefits thanks to the partnerships developed over the years of business.

Do you know how to save money on the electrical system? You renew it.

  • Maintenance costs are reduced drastically;
  • the energy consumption of the new LED lamps gives you a reduction in consumption of more than 40%;
  • for all of 2017 you are entitled to a tax allowance of 50% on the cost of building renovation for the purpose of preventing domestic accidents;
  • with a home automation system you can monitor all of your consumption;
  • you will have a home or building that is definitely much safer.

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