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Speed Casa is the right brand name as you can find just the right cleaning professionals for you at all our affiliates.
We can meet all your needs, at home and in industrial and commercial situations for interior and exterior cleaning.

Our personnel are attentive to your needs and will recommend the most solution suitable for your needs.
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Home cleaning service

The professionals that will come to your home are guaranteed by the company that will attend to your needs and are selected on the basis of confidentiality and constant commitment. We can be of great help in managing home affairs and condominium cleaning thanks to the flexible hours and quality of the products we choose for each specific case.

Office cleaning services

Every affiliate can suggest the best office cleaners for your company. They will be discrete and professional, during and after office hours. They can clean windows inside and out with the safety equipment required by current regulations.

Industrial cleaning

For the industrial sector we have highly qualified companies for all types of jobs: from extensive cleaning of various types to cleaning at heights; sanitisation services, daily cleaning of food industry and large scale distribution facilities, cleaning for the opening and inauguration of facilities, cleaning of production plant.

Cleaning services for business

We are able to provide indoor and outdoor cleaning quickly and professionally for all types of premises. Our services include cleaning of windows, shops, delicate marble floors, wood and terracotta of restaurants and external surfaces in cement or stone. We use the latest technology and best products available on the market.

Sanitisation services

We also carry out pest extermination, deratting and sanitisation at public, private, industrial and commercial locations. We eliminate infestations of insects and rodents and install systems for keeping pigeons and other birds away using the latest techniques and equipment.

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