Chimney sweeping is a maintenance job that must be done regularly to check the condition of your chimney. When there are problems your fireplace and wood stove no longer work efficiently and there is a real risk to your health due to emission of harmful fumes, bad odours and the possibility of smoke entering the rooms. Having a chimney or fireplace in excellent condition allows the air to draw perfectly with natural direct circulation of the air through the ducts. This will maintain high ambient standards in the rooms, prevent fires and eliminate the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Do you want to do maintenance on your chimney, check that it works properly or simply clean the ducts? You can rely on our expert chimneysweeps!

Speed Casa is a unique reference point for all the needs of the home and offers the services of specialist personnel also in the reconditioning and installation of chimneys and fireplaces, in addition to the annual maintenance which is compulsory by law. We check your system for any problems, do any work necessary for it to meet regulatory requirements, using the latest solutions that the market has to offer, with quality materials and professional manpower.

The specialist chimneysweeps of Speed Casa can respond quickly with all the reliability and professionalism that are the hallmarks of every technical expert in our great team.

 The chimneysweeps of Speed Casa are specialised in:

  • Cleaning fireplaces and chimneys

  • Cleaning wood boilers and stoves

  • Ducting chimneys

  • Supply and installation of chimneys

  • Installation of bird netting

  • Video inspections with optical TV cameras

But how much does cleaning the chimney or checking the system cost? Don’t worry: the prices of Speed Casa are always clear with no hidden charges: with quotes and on-the-spot inspections free of charge we guarantee a reliable service at a price fixed before the work so you already know how much you will spend to make your system safe.

Call our Customer Service and ask for the fireplace cleaning and chimney sweeping service at the time most convenient for you. Then you will have a healthy environment, an efficient system and a healthier home.

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