Do you know how many problems a carpenter in your area can resolve for you?
You can contact him for a customised renovation consultation or call him to come when you need small repair jobs done.
At Speed Casa you will find qualified expert carpenters with experience to do all kinds of jobs. We can provide complete services that include:
  • repairs of all kinds;
  • furniture restoration;
  • repainting of antique furniture;
  • renovation or new supply of wood floors;
  • production or design of custom-made furnishings;
  • dismantling and assembly of furniture;
  • construction of doors and fittings;
  • wooden stairs.

If you dream of a greener home, or if you want an office that works more in line with your needs, or if you have a shop to furnish with custom-made furnishings, Speed Casa will help you to meet every need. Every day we complete turnkey projects with the best professionals in the sector:

  • to renovate the bedroom floor, call a Speed Casa parquet specialist;
  • to renovate the children’s bedroom (wardrobes, beds or walk-in wardrobes), call one of our experts who will advise you on the most suitable solution at the best price;
  • to renovate the kitchen in solid wood specialist carpenters are needed and Speed Casa has the professional just right for you;
  • to furnish your offices, and those of your affiliates, you might need customised modules to communicate a brand identity clearly. Call us. Our team is organised so that all the work is handled by a single contact person who follows all the projects;
  • for urgent repairs in your accommodation facility you can rely on the expert carpenters of Speed Casa: we guarantee a rapid response, a job done quickly and a reliable long-lasting result;
  • for special wood finishings you need a meticulous carpenter with experience and we at Speed Casa have already found him for you. Call us now;
  • for furnishing accessories or wardrobes, custom-made furniture or fittings we have selected the best expert carpenters of the all the cities where we have an office. Find the office nearest you;
  • for working antique wood you need a restoration carpenter and perhaps also a painter. These professionals are rather rare and difficult to find but in 7 years of business we have found them and we can suggest the right people.

Logo Speed Casa CerchioSiamo la prima rete di franchising edilizio in Italia al servizio dell'azienda e del singolo cittadino.