Experienced builder wanted!

Experienced builder wanted!

The dilemma is always the same, for the individual or the company: finding someone who works well, delivers on time and at the right price in terms of value for money. Someone whose passion and professional experience can transform you dreams into reality.

The Speed Casa network is expert and ready to meet all your needs. With a single request for a quote we will know immediately what kind of professional you need. In our building franchise network the following are at your service:

  •  master builders who can mange entire renovation projects. With us you can find specialists for the home and also the company; qualified professionals for interior design or the renovation of external façades;
  • specialist builders who can design partial renovations of rooms or parts of shops. You can start renovating the bathroom, or modernising the kitchen, you can decide to renovate the terrace or fix up the fireplace: at Speed Casa you can always find the right builder for your need;
  • builders on call who can offer an emergency service for all kinds of urgent jobs. If you have an urgent job contact us. We have reliable skilled builders who can take care of small jobs in the home.



The things a Speed Casa builder can do for you:

  • demolition and construction of walls, floors, lofts and mezzanines;
  • marking of chases for new wiring and plumbing;
  • bathroom renovation and replacement of the tub with shower;
  • installation or repair of plasterboard walls;
  • elimination of damp and leaks;
  • waterproofing and thermal insulation of the architectural structure;
  • renovation of terraces and masonry fireplaces;
  • dry walls.

Whether you need an internal or external renovation, we at Speed Casa have the expert professional that will go with you step by step to take care of the smallest details of all your plans.

If you are still uncertain about the feasibility or practicability of your ideas, contact us and our technical professionals will be able to advise you and produce a 3D rendering that will help you to decide.

If you need other professionals such as painters, electricians or floor layers, don’t waste too much time on making enquiries, ask for a customised quote.

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