For the home or workplace protection from sunlight and insects is always important. It is important because it protects the family and improves the external look of the home, prevents discomfort and improves productivity at work.

Contacting our affiliates, you will find the best solutions on the market made to measure for your needs, and you will have the certainty of receiving a complete service for the home, the garden or your shop.

Our teams of craftsmen offer maintenance services, supply and installation of sunshades and roller shutters, garages, wood or aluminium arbours, door and window canopies, vertical awnings or sunshades.

In addition to the quality of the service, our experts will suggest the best materials and fabrics to furnish your home, hotel or business premises (shop, restaurant, etc) practically and with style.


For outdoors (balconies, terraces or verandas) Our experts recommend:

  • vertical awnings for the wide range of solutions and possibility of customisation, especially as regards the fabrics and methods of fastening;
  • folding arm awnings for a long lifespan, but mainly for covering large areas;
  • canopies for their easy installation, maintenance and adaptability in various situations;
  • box awnings to provide protection of the fabric during the months when not in use;
  • sail awnings with modern design to give a tough of lightness to your garden;
  • projecting roofs for their strength and quality.

If instead you have an outdoor area that you want to use for relaxing, which offers protection from the sun and bad weather, our experts recommend a wooden or aluminium arbour. The structure will be covered with an elegantly designed protective awning to which you can add side and front closure so that water flows away.


If you are looking for a solution to stop insects from entering rooms you have probably discovered that there are many models of mosquito screens: from the fixed mosquito screens to the retractable, concealed and plissé types, vertical types sliding vertically rather than horizontally.

The articles developed to deal with this discomfort are numerous because there are different types of fittings, different needs and different areas to protect. For secure protected rooms where you live or where you host your customers, contact our affiliates:

you will receive all the information you need;

they will take the right measurements, if you don’t have standard doors and windows;

they will follow the installation of the mosquito screens;

they will assist you with maintenance and various other needs.


When it is a question of solutions for safety and protection, don’t rely on do-it-yourself. With an expert at your side you will never make any mistakes.

If instead you need a home automation system so that you have your home always under control, look at the services that our electricians provide.

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