Whether it is to replace the door lock, which has blocked due to a malfunction, or to install an armoured lock to prevent break-ins, the blacksmith is without doubt one of the professions most in demand by the public. The security of the home is at stake and that is why a good blacksmith must always be ready to do an effective, top quality precise job.

Speed Casa is the ideal solution for your home because our team has the best artisan blacksmiths in your area, for a rapid response and security especially in the event of an emergency.

Every blacksmith-metalworker of Speed Casa is a qualified professional ready to respond together with his colleagues at homes, shops, schools and public or private buildings.

You need a Speed Casa blacksmith if:

  • you require a rapid service because you are locked out and you have to repair the lock of the door. We are specialised in opening doors and we work 24 hours a day to solve your problems with the maximum professionalism;

  • you need more security and you want to replace your old lock with the new European cylinder lock. We supply and fit new locks or repair existing ones. We are a reference point for the maintenance of the locks in your armoured doors;

  • if you need wrought iron gates or iron furniture. Our blacksmiths-welders are ready to create professional custom-made articles for you and always at an attractive price. We also repair metal articles such as railings, gates, ladders and projecting roofs in iron. Our blacksmith-metalworkers can also fix your door and window fittings, repairing roller shutters, windows, garage doors and up-and-over doors.

If you have visited this page its means that you need a blacksmith urgently. With Speed Casa you have found exactly what you are looking for! We will provide you with quotes and on-the-spot inspections free of charge and the certainty that all of your problems will be resolved in the shortest time possible.

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