Did the summer arrive so suddenly that you didn’t have time to prepare for it?

Don’t worry: Speed Casa is also specialised in air conditioning systems. Whether you have decided to install air conditioning for the first time or simply need periodic maintenance of you old air conditioner, Speed Casa is at your disposal, with professional services for your home, business and large companies.

What can we do to improve the climate of your property? We can deal with everything, from cleaning filters to conditioner repairs and installation of the entire air conditioning system, making the necessary alterations to your property if it is not already set up for air conditioning.

The technicians of Speed Casa are all professionals in the sector and can advise you on what type of air conditioning system to install, which models to choose and where to install it for the best results.

Why suffer from the heat until autumn arrives? Get the best from the summer with a brand new air conditioning system!

Contact our Client Service to plan the works. We will provide a free quote and a definite price right from the start. The technicians of Speed Casa will arrive at the time you prefer for the installation, maintenance and repair of the air conditioners of your home, office or company.


To change the air at home and bring a little freshness during the sweltering summer days, there is nothing better than air conditioning. We at Speed Casa can provide the best air conditioning installation service to give your home some comfort which by now has become an essential need.

Even if your home or office is not yet set up, we can take care of everything; our technicians can install the system, from positioning the ducts and wiring to installation of the split.


Let us guess, your air-conditioner has stopped in the hottest period right in the middle of summer. Don’t worry. There are many possible causes but there is only one solution, rely on the technicians of Speed Casa! Whether it is for a breakdown in the air conditioner or a malfunction of the heat pump, or more simply because it is time to top up with conditioner gas, we can help you to get back the cool air you need.


Your air conditioner has been running faithfully for years of course but do you remember to do the routine maintenance regularly? Air conditioners must be cleaned regularly because your health and that of the home is at stake. In the internal parts of the conditioner, especially the filter, there is a build up of dust and dirt which in the long term may also affect the efficient running of your system. Call Speed Casa right away and our technicians will do a fast professional job, cleaning the filters and other components of the conditioner. Your system will then always run efficiently and your home will have a new breath of air.

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