Is your television playing up and you are afraid of missing your team’s match or the last episode of your favourite TV series? With a disturbed TV signal the only thing you can do is to get a qualified aerial fitter.

Very often the aerial is affected by atmospheric agents such as moisture, wind, hail and smog and it needs an aerial technician to deal with its maintenance or, in more serious cases, its complete replacement.

Speed Casa has an entire team of professional aerial fitters with a great deal of experience in the TV system sector, offering a safe and economical emergency service. We are a specialised company for all the needs of your home and we offer specialist tradesmen who are ready to resolve all your problems with integrity, professionalism and reliability.

To make sure that your aerial and your television always work at their best, the aerial fitters of Speed Casa offer you:

  • Small aerial repair jobs

  • Installation of aerials and parabolic dishes

  • Connection to Sky

  • Routine aerial maintenance

  • Retuning channels

  • Assistance for digital decoders

With Speed Casa you always have on-the-spot inspections and free quotes and, thanks to our network of professionals, you will always have the certainty of a modest price, without any hidden charges and agreed before any work is done.

Do you want a quick solution to your aerial problems? Simply call our Client Service and tell us the day and time most convenient for you. We will take care of the rest!

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